Izzy King

Passed: September 2018

Passed my driving test first time with Ben, 100% the best driving instructor around. He was always very professional, reliable, an amazing teacher and was always willing to answer any questions I had. I couldn’t recommend him enough!

Laura Ware

Passed: July 2017

Would highly recommend Ben for a driving instructor. I was always a very nervous driver and put off driving for over a year, got in contact with Ben and passed my test a few months down the line. Couldn't recommend him enough!

Maisie McMahon

Passed May 2017

Ben passed me in 10 lessons with 2 minors in my test. Amazing, friendly and a great teacher.

Katie Lockwood

Passed May 2017

Thanks for giving me the confidence to enjoy driving and pass my test quickly. I would highly recommend Ben as he is a great instructor.

Aaliyah Lister

Passed May 2017

Just passed my driving test first time and could not be happier!!! Ben has been great and I would thoroughly recommend him after passing within 20 hours

Laura Killingworth

Passed February 2017

I cannot honestly recommend Ben enough as a driving instructor. I started my lessons in September 2016 with no knowledge whatsoever on how to drive a car and by the end of my second lesson i was driving home from the other end of town. Ben is so professional, reliable and a genuinely great guy and did everything he could to make me relaxed as i suffer with anxiety and he filled me with nothing but confidence that i (we) could do this. Only 5 months later i was through my test with flying colours. I couldn't recommend him enough.

Luke Foster

Passed February 2017

It was a pleasure having Ben as my driving Instructor, I am very pleased he taught me how to drive. He always made me at ease, and always spoke and demonstrated thoroughly  and was willing to help and answer questions when ever needed. I would strongly recommend him to anyone else who is looking for a driving instructor! (Ben is the one to ask for!!!)

Nathan Thompson

Passed March 2017

Really happy to of passed my driving test first time! No stress or worries and an enjoyable experience! Would highly recommend Ben Cannon!

Lauren May Golton

Passed February 2017

Ben is a brilliant instructor who also became a great friend! I put off learning to drive for 2 years so was extremely nervous when it came to my first lesson. He also always stayed positive when i would doubt myself, making me even more determined to do well in the next lesson. Driving soon became the highlight of my week! I cannot recommend him enough to anyone wanting to learn to drive!