Will i actually drive on my first lesson?

YES!! We'll get you somewhere quiet to begin with, and build on your skills accordingly.

What do i need to bring?

Your provisional licence.

Glasses (if applicable) – You will need to be able to read a number plate form 20 metres/66ft. That's roughly 5 car lengths!!

National insurance number.

How do i pay?

You can pay by cheque, BACS (Your instructor will supply their details) or good old fashioned cash.

Can i change my start/finish location?

You can start/finish wherever, within reason. It doesn't have to be from the address on your licence. As long as your instructor gets a bit of notice if it changes, they can plan their day accordingly.

Will i be charged for cancelling my lesson?

The company offers a 48 hour cancellation policy. Anything under this will require full payment for the lesson booked.

How many lessons will i need?

Everybody's different! The internet's full of wonderful facts & figures. Just ask your instructor & they'll keep you informed of your progress.

Do you do theory lessons?

YES! Some students struggle with one or both parts of the theory test, so we can do anything from answering a question, to doing 1 hour theory lessons on a tablet.

Is pass-plus compulsory?

Although motorway tuition is not yet law, the course also covers several other areas of advanced tuition and potentially lowers car insurance.